Saturday, January 10, 2009


First thing's first, PEOPLE! QUIT SPITTING YOUR GUM ON THE GROUND! It's not just rude (yes, that's why children enjoy spitting, the parents HATE it, you've now been outed!!) but it's also totally jacked-up! I spent the better part of the afternoon trying to help this little bird get a big blue wad off her foot. NOT COOL PEOPLE!!
now, to crawl off my soapbox...

As we well know, cuteness comes in all sorts of strange packaging (just ask the Japanese!) and if stamps aren't strange.... oops...

A few weeks ago I happened upon this really cool site called
Almost every bit of bat paraphernalia has been catalogued there (check it out,yo!) and I wanted to share with the owner, Scott Pedersen my "Night Friends" stamps, and share with y'all his sweet site.
Okay, the animals are starting to hover which means it's dinner time!!


note to self: less coffee & music when posting...

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